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Grant Partners

Current Grant Partners

Women’s Foundation of California
MFF supports the Women’s Policy Institute which is a program that educates women from all over California on the legislative process. The curriculum includes how to craft legislation, bring it to lawmakers and advocate for issues that affect their lives and their children.

Holy Family Day Home
MFF supports ten families who have children at the day home. Support includes counseling covering topics as wide ranging as employment, housing, health care and education.

University of San Francisco
MFF supports four partial scholarships to young women who are graduates of the Christo Rey high school in San Francisco. These students are young women with high potential who have excellent grades and test scores who could not attend college without financial aid. MFF supported the development and continued refinement of THINK ABOUT IT. This is a unique alcohol and violence prevention program that brings state-of-the-art interactive online education to college campuses all over the country.

Georgetown University
MFF supports an innovative summer education programs for high potential high school students from all over the country who have educational gaps as well as cultural gaps due to economic background. Results to date indicate great success at top tier schools for these students.

We fund primarily where our Directors reside; namely San Francisco, Chicago, and Sante Fe.

We will make grants from one to three years.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals.