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Mission & Values

We fund projects and programs that open pathways for all, especially women and their children, through education, violence prevention, and opportunities to further economic self sufficiency.


Change and Hope
We believe in the capacity to change. according to the Tao, “life is change.” We believe that hope is a belief in the possibility of an improved state. We believe in the power of change and the potential of good.

We believe that leadership is critical to any successful endeavor, and that leadership may be nurtured.

Common Good
We value the common good. We believe in social justice and policy decisions that benefit most, not just a few.

Personal Initiative and Accountability
We believe in taking responsibility for one’s life and one’s work. Grantmaking requires an outcome orientation. Grantees should be able to describe what success will look like and measure their results against that description.

Strategic Smarts
We value strategic smarts. Planning and process are an important element of strategic excellence.

Tenacity and Integrity
We require commitment and perseverance in the work we fund, and see grantmaking as a shared responsibility. Grantmaking is a collaborative process and relationship which should be honest, transparent, and respectful.

Women and Children
We believe women and children, especially girls, are at the heart of positive social change. Families, communities and societies are all improved when women and girls thrive.

We believe education is the key to social mobility and economic self sufficiency. We believe that teachers need to be nurtured and sustained.

We approach grantmaking with a sense of humility. We don’t know all the answers, and look to grant partners who will share our sense of discovery. We believe in diversity and inclusiveness. We value lifelong learning.